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Welcome to! Here you will find everything you need to know about the Bent Leather Band, their instruments, concerts, workshops, services, instrument building commissions, collaborations, initiatives research and publications.

Australia's premiere experimental electronic instrument duo, the Bent Leather Band has developed a uniquely Australian [Free] approach to music making. Joanne Cannon and Stuart Favilla's music sets virtuosity and duo improvisation against a visual spectacle of electronic leather Stradivari. These instruments, made in collaboration with Tasmanian leather artist Garry Greenwood, include the dragon headed light-harps, serpents and monsters. Inspired by instrument making of the Renaissance, Baroque and Indian music traditions, their work embodies sensor technologies, synthesis and signal-processing techniques, which achieve a fine degree of expressive refinement.

Dedicated to the art of computer music, their unique perspective encompasses the paradigm of live ensemble improvisation and the nature of playability [developing expressive practicable instruments] and considers that these two elements should be in governance with a musical language. Bent Leather Band's improvised explorations of Percy Grainger's Free Music have been recognized by a number of International prizes including the 2004 Karl Szucka Preis and the 2006 IAWM New Genre Prize. They have performed regularly throughout Australia, Europe [Aarhus, Barcelona, Basel, Belfast, Paris, Genova, Padova] and Asia.

What you will find at

You can browse this site for information relating to new instrument design, live signal processing, ambisonic projection systems and playable instrument technologies. This site also contains information relating to instrument modification/augmentation services for either MIDI or OSC based platforms, custom hardware/software development services, even astro-imaging and webcam modification services.

If you would like to obtain scores, CDs and web-published papers of our research, you will find that information in our publications section. General information on our instruments, our bios and on our sponsors can be found throughout the rest of the site. Other information relating to concert or research subscription, sponsorship and donations towards our research, can be found on the sponsorship page.


[Contra-monster, hybrid bassoon]

copyright © 2010 Stuart Favilla and Joanne Cannon all rights reserved.


[Joanne Cannon and Contra-monster]



[Bent Leather Band In Performance]



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